Young female Spanish architects clean up in the Techtextil student competition

Three young female architects from Spain are among the winners of the 2nd international student competition “Textile Structures for New Building 2013”. The award in the “Environment and Ecology” category, which attracts a cash prize of € 1,500, was secured by Maria-Dolores Parrilla Ayuso for her project, which involved rejuvenating an old container ship through the use of textile materials. On your behalf, we selflessly fought our way through the hordes of people surrounding the award winners.

“My aim was to turn a dilapidated, useless old ship into a floating garden and meeting place for all sorts and kinds of people,” explains award-winner Parrilla Ayuso over an alcohol-free (!) cold drink that we, of course, treated her to. It involved using textile substrates and membranes combined with intensive planting to try to create artificial clouds out of water vapour and thus produce a special micro-climate. A hostel for pilgrims and a Le Corbusier centre (who was Le Corbusier, again?) were also, she says, part of the planning. The judges proved to be convinced by the concept. The experts in textile matters, who formed the adjudicating panel, praised above all the integration of some very disparate substantive issues in the concept, including recycling, energy efficiency and reflections on structure which all contributed to the work’s holistic aesthetic.


Tomorrow’s textile designers present really telling work

We can modestly record our pleasure that third place in the “Environment and Ecology” category also went to two Spaniards – the Spanish architect Oihana Lasuen Oleaja and her fellow countrywoman and interior architect Laura del Val Marijuán. They scored highly with a contribution on global warming and climate change. Their work, too, was about creating a special micro climate but, in this case, for an urban location with high summer temperatures … for Madrid, therefore, rather than for Rostock. “Our design for a hybrid structure, using textile netting and plants as a natural envelope is intended to help densely packed city centres get cleaner and cooler air,” said del Val Marijuán, dictating her quote for the Blog, speaking in English with a Spanish accent.


We won’t conceal from you that we also found other young textile designers and their work very convincing too – in the categories ‘Macro and Micro Architecture’ and ‘Composites’ and ‘Hybrid Structures’. This work included textile structures for biomorphic architecture and an adaptive fabric structure for facades. But it wasn’t entirely our fault that the conversation lasted a little longer than planned, since we found the Spanish accents so difficult to understand….


It was in fluent German, on the other hand, that we asked Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textile Fairs at Messe Frankfurt, about the young talents of the textile world, as we stood in the wings at the award ceremony: “Promoting young talent is something we care about very much. We are therefore, of course, all the more delighted that so many young students from all over the world seize the opportunity to take part in our various competitions in technical textiles.”


The three young women from Spain, who all studied at the Technical University of Madrid, gave us eminently believable (!) assurances that they wanted to continue to work with textile materials in the future. The reason for this, they said, is the great flexibility of technical textiles and the multifarious possibilities for applications that go with it. “For me, it is also the issue of ecological acceptability that plays an absolutely crucial role,” says award-winning Parrilla Ayuso with a suddenly very serious expression. Indeed, because of their environmental acceptability, textile materials can be used to build in ways that are extraordinarily well in tune with nature, she adds.


The work of ALL the young textile professionals will remain on display in Hall 4.1 on Stand K41 until the end of the fair.

Background picture: The three award winners proudly show us their Award Certificates: (from left to right) Maria-Dolores Parrilla Ayuso, Laura del Val Marijuán, Oihana Lasuen Oleaja

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