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Where can I find innovative solar protection?
At Heimtextil of course!

It is not just every other summer that people with an interest in textiles come to Frankfurt am Main; they are also here every January. Heimtextil is the international trade fair for home and contract textiles and every year it extends an invitation to trade visitors from all over the world to visit the Frankfurt show. In the build-up to Heimtextil colleagues are regularly blogging about what is new in the world of textiles for house and home through the Heimtextil blog. The field of light and sun protection is an exciting topic for both Heimtextil and Techtextil. Technical textiles in particular are used for optimum retention and/or exclusion of light and heat. As we have done many times before, we have looked at three exhibitors bringing decorative and innovative light and sun protection to the Heimtextil show.

Light catching / eye catching: Gardinia Home Decor
Gardinia is offering something new in terms of decorative sun protection with its solar-powered external blind that provides optimum shade – a world first in the DIY market. With its rot and weather resistant materials made from polyester fabrics with  a plastic coating, the so-called ‘green screen’, and the waxed awning covers made from dralon yarns it caters for all wishes in terms of quality and appearance. Sustainability is the principal concern with no fibreglass being used at all. A range of colours is available. The ingenious battery pack and the solar cells save energy and operate independently of the electrical power circuit. No cabling is required, making retrofitting to existing windows extremely easy. As we have done many times before we have looked at three Heimtextil exhibitors and identified  trends in the field of sun protection.

Liedeco: Saving energy costs with sun protection
The issues of saving energy and preserving natural resources are becoming increasingly important. Liedeco’s sun protection systems play a part in reducing energy costs and protecting the environment in a sustainable way. Liedeco has been working for three years to improve the energy saving properties of these products so as to reduce costs and protect the environment. For example Liedeco’s thermal pleated blind creates a natural layer of insulation at the window; as the pleated blind is closed the material folds up to create a honeycomb structure. Small pockets of air are formed that provide effective insulation against cold and heat. Resting close against the window, the structure and tensioning technology of the pleated blind provides protection against aggressive heat radiation, reducing heat absorption in the summer and ensuring that less heat is lost in the winter, resulting in reduced heating costs. In addition the sound-proofing properties of the pleated blind ensure that the room acoustics are pleasant to the ear.

Outdoor living: Sunbrella fabrics from Sonnhaus
With its outdoor fabrics Sonnhaus brings a lot of good times and fresh air into the area outside the home. Sonnhaus’ current collection includes strong colours and attractive designs on a technically advanced material. The addition of spun-dyed acrylic fibres makes the fabrics ideal for use outdoors: they are light and colour fast, mould resistant, dirt-repellent, breathable and Oeko-Tex certified. The special Teflon coating also offers protection against chlorinated and salt water as well as stains and dirt. This makes the cushions and upholstery made from Sunbrella fabric very tough and long-lasting. These robust outdoor textiles are even resistant to fungi and pests.

For other new house and home textile products we warmly recommend the Heimtextil Blog: www.heimtextil-blog.com

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