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Carbon-fibres in the Airbus A380, wind-turbine rotor blades made of fibre glass, ultra-modern car airbags – all are well-known examples of areas of application for technical textiles. However, have you also heard of intelligent textiles with piezoelectric qualities for energy usage, natural fibres made of maize for car roof linings, conductive fabrics against shoulder pain and nano-textiles with an antibacterial effect? The list of potential applications is growing from day to day. Therefore, we have set up this blog to inform you before and during the fair about trends, innovations and interesting products in the technical-textiles field. You will find the complete range of technical textiles live at Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 13 June.

From now on, we will present several new developments a week – all of them enriched by images and quotes from our exhibitors. To make the blog easier to use, we have oriented the articles towards the latest global trends in the sector, i.e., lightweight construction, functionality, mobility and sustainability. Some articles will apply to more than one trend – in keeping with the interdisciplinary and future-oriented nature of the sector. Additionally, we will look around other regions of the world for products and opinions. Our aim is to provide up-to-the-minute information about Techtextil, e.g., about products entered for the Techtextil Innovation Award.

During the fair, we will report live from the exhibition halls and look around for interesting products and developments. Naturally, we are also interested in what innovations announced during the run-up to the fair actually look like in reality. Additionally, we will ask experts at the exhibition stands what they think.

The doors open in a good two months – and we can hardly wait!

With best wishes from Frankfurt,

Michael Jänecke

Director Brand Management Technical Textiles / Techtextil

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