Uncle Sam: I want you for 3D-Scanning!

Where does a US soldier go immediately after his or her induction? Since time immemorial, the first stop has been the hairdresser. Straight after that, however, the recruit goes to the 3D scanner, says Tim Guenzel of Human Solutions. The manufacturer of CAD, PLM and ERP solutions supplies the US military authorities with 3D body scanners that scan the young recruits in a matter of seconds and subsequently issue their clothing. One innovation might soon find its way in many apparel and fashion stores.

In really good shape: Tim Guenzel in the 3D Body Scanner

Cuts a good figure: Tim Guenzel in the new contact-free 3D body scanner.

Naturally enough, the fashion industry is particularly interested in 3D body scanners, says Tim Guenzel. For example, many companies want ultra-modern but affordable made-to-measure solutions. At Texprocess Americas, the company launched a new contact-free 3D-bodyscanner that creates a scanatar within one second in a fully-automatic process. 12 sensors and infrared light measure the body and send the data in 30 seconds to the company’s own simulation software. Thus, around 50 avatars can be made available within 30 minutes.

Also interesting: with a setup time of 30 minutes and a total weight of 30 kg (Human Solutions obviously likes the number “3”), the scanner can be transported relatively easily in a golf bag. Thus, designers have the chance to measure customers in a hotel or their home. Will we have our own scanners at home in the future and use them to ensure perfectly fitting garments? It’s possible. Until then, Human Solutions is targeting in particular apparel vendors for this type of scanner.

By the way, the US military authorities scan around 500 recruits a week and, thanks to RFID, they will never be forgotten. Let’s hope that the haircut is also up to scratch then.

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