Texfact of the week: The market for smart textiles

Functional Apparel Textiles have great potential for future growth: According to a study released by Ohmatex (pdf) in April, by 2020 the smart textile market – i.e. intelligent apparel textiles – is likely to reach 1.5 bn. USD. The greatest potential can probably be found in Protech, i.e. protective and military apparel. Another area that is increasingly developing into an important market is clothing for sports, fitness and medical technology.

In addition, the paper explains in detail the differences between smart textiles, SFIT, wearable technology, interactive textiles and e-textiles (yes, there are differences!). If we just look at the market for wearable electronics, according to Debra Cobb  it will likely reach 8.3 bn. USD by 2018, up from 2.7 bn. USD in 2012.

That is also why Techtextil has announced a new Hall 6.1 exclusively for exhibitors of functional apparel textiles. Even better, we are planning a new fashion and apparel show for both Techtextil and Texprocess to give this growing market another platform. Stay tuned for more information.

Marc Chalupsky

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