Texfact of the week: Taiwan’s textile and apparel industry set for growth

Did you know that Taiwan was a major player during the World Cup in Brazil? Certainly not in terms of soccer, but more in terms of functional apparel such as jerseys. Taiwan is currently the 8th biggest exporter of textiles, thanks to its production of synthetic fibers and yarns and functional textiles for the sports industry.

The country really also has a strong export rate (11,7 bn. USD in exports vs. 3,3 bn. USD in imports in 2013). While production of apparel has been shifted to other countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, textile production will grow in Taiwan within the next years. Design, research and development of textiles have remained on the island and resulted in a growing demand of textile machineries. On the one hand, in the first half of 2014, textile machinery imports from Switzerland and Italy grew double-digit. On the other hand, textile and apparel production remained the same in 2013 and the first of half 2014 due to a decline in the apparel segment. However, Taiwan aims to increase its textile and apparel production to 550 bn. NT$ in 2015 and to 700 bn. NT$ in 2020, a 58 percent increase from 444 bn. NT$ in 2013. A focus will be on functional and sustainable textiles.

Source for all statistics: GTAI / Taiwan Textile Federation

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