“Breathing“ glove for the section “medical“ for the first time

The Sympatex® “breathing” glove can make the professional life of employees which have to work long time per day with impermeable gloves much more comfortable, healthy and pleasant. Core of the product idea of the Sympatex unit “Tection” (technical applications) is a two dimensional glove made out of the compact semipermeable ‘guaranteed green’ Sympatex® membrane. Semipermeability means that water vapour molecules can permeate through the membrane whereas liquids like water etc. will be prevented to penetrate through the membrane. The Sympatex® “breathing” glove will be worn under occlusive and impermeable protective gloves made out of PVC (Polyvinylchoride), nitrile etc., which are used in the occupational practice (e.g. protective equipment against chemicals).


In many different professions branches like medical, electric and metal industry, cleaning and food processing, impermeable protective gloves are often worn over long time. Wearing impermeable gloves over longer time may cause negative occlusion effects like sweating hands, irritated skin and also may lead to occupational skin diseases. The reasons for these effects are an accumulation of warmth and moisture under the occlusive and impermeable protective glove caused by sweating. Sweat leads to a swelling of the outermost horny layer of the skin. Wearing an additional inner Sympatex® “breathing” glove reduces the accumulation of warmth and moisture. The moisture in the form of water vapour resulting from sweating, permeates along the diffusion gradient through the membrane in the small room between the lining glove and protective glove or via the cuff to the outside the glove.

Scientific studies

The effectiveness of the concept has already been proven over the last few years based on different scientific studies under the leadership of the University of Osnabrück, Department of Dermatolgy, Environmental medicine and Health Theory.

The results of the scientific investigations show that skin irritations or even serious occupational skin diseases caused by occlusive effects of impermeable protective gloves can be avoided or at least considerably reduced by using Sympatex® “breathing” glove liners. Further effects like certain “healing effects” of the Sympatex® “breathing” glove on existing skin irritations or occupational hand eczema have also been identified in first studies and provide even more benefit for affected people in many professions.


At Techtextil 2015, Sympatex presents the detailed results of the studies for the first time in a joint press conference with Ploucquet: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, 2.30 pm, room “Aspekt”, hall 3C Westfoyer.
(Source: Sympatex®)

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