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Before the fair, we wrote a lot about sustainable products that exhibitors were going to show at Techtextil. Some of you might remember Ökolys, a groundcover for horticultural landscape gardening, forestry and agriculture to be ‘OK compost’ certified. Two other innovations demonstrated what is possible in terms of sustainability.

German manufacturer Rudolf Chemie also presented a new product designed to relieve the burden on the environment at last June’s International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens. As is well known, making a textile often involves using a large quantity of chemicals. This could change in the future. At Techtextil, Rudolf Chemie presented a new bonding machine for applying ecologically-optimised product solutions, e.g., the water-based polyurethane bonding agent, Ruco-Bond PME, that replace other bonding agents containing toxic N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), which has been on the REACH candidate list of substances of very high concern for some time.

The experts of Schoeller Technologies decided to tackle the much-discussed subject of fluorocarbons (PFC) in functional textiles. As an environmentally-friendly replacement for these much-criticised chemicals, Schoeller Technologies has developed Ecorepel, a water-repellent and biodegradable textile finishing agent. Ecorepel is based on long paraffin chains instead of PFC, which wrap themselves spiral-like around individual fibres. This new product from the Swiss company is Bluesign certified and is recommended by Greenpeace as an alternative to the hazardous fluorocarbons.

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Source: Ecorepel / Schoeller Technologies AG

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