STOLL at Techtextil

Stoll inspires and at the same time stands for quality and flexibility in the world of flat knitting. Stoll has achieved a legendary reputation appearing through many facets. Over 140 years the image of a consequently solution orientated manufacturer of flat knitting machines has been maintained and further developed.

Stoll stands for sophisticated technology in the area of developing and manufacturing flat knitting machines and is considered as an innovative thinker and developer for fashion and technical applications as well.

Stoll CMS machines run in production centers for medical devices such as for soft goods as well as for special upholstery solutions and intriguing sport goods. Same as for the making of wire and conductive knits as well as for textile substrates in composite products. No textile procedure allows the combination of a complex built-up shape with a functional design by use of specific materials as applied by Stoll machines.

At Frankfurt’s Techtextil Stoll will show:

  • Samples about various applications such as medical soft goods, sports items,
    wire fabrics, composite implementations, upholstery fabrics, protection apparel etc.
  • The brand new Stoll ADF 32 W multi gauge E 7.2 machine with its integrated presser
    inlay system for weft reinforced fabrics allowing woven like fabric appearances and
    reinforcements w./o. restricting the unbeaten versatility of the Stoll ADF machine

Source: Stoll

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