Smelly feet? Why not look on the dark side?

What is always practical, sometimes holey and owned by almost every man? The answer: at least one pair of black socks. But what can socks do to make life more pleasant for the feet, especially in summer? This was the question Rolf Schumacher of Artecs asked himself. His answer: a material blend of high-quality cotton, elastane and silver-coated polyamide, which makes the socks anti-bacterial, washable and skin-friendly. The important basis is a special spinning method.

Rolf Schumacher with his silver socks at the German pavilion.

Rolf Schumacher with his silver socks at the German pavilion.

A graduate in engineering, Schumacher uses the core spinning method to build-up the yarn. Silver-coated, endless multi-filaments are matched to the final number of the core yarn and the outside fibres. Thus, it is also possible to make, for example, home textiles or workwear with antistatic properties. However, socks that are antibacterial and help prevent smelly feet even after being worn all day and washed 50 times could soon be the hit among the supposedly unimaginative Christmas gifts. Perhaps the new leitmotif for the modern man will be, “Darling, I really only want socks this Christmas.”

Artecs made its presentation on the joint stand of the Neckar-Alb Region, which was part of the German Pavilion at Techtextil Atlanta. The southwest of Germany is a traditional textile stronghold and the home region of many world-famous technical-textile manufacturers, including Groz-Beckert.

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