Presentation of the fiber innovation QMILK at Techtexil

QMILK presents its fiber innovation at Techtextil. After 4 years the QMILK fiber has achieved the market. The production capacity is covers 1000tons per year. Grown to twenty employees, production runs in two-shift operation. “To scale an invention in production is once again a particularly challenging task,” says Anke Domaske, CEO of QMILK. The offer includes a fiber section of fiber standards 1.7 dtex, 3.3 dtex and 6.1 dtex. Multi-filaments and staple lengths of 5-60 mm are available. Fabrics made of QMILK are equipped with temperature regulating properties and have got a very pleasant, silky feel. The Qmilk fiber can be divided into common dying processes with a good color image: yarn dyed, piece dyed and spun dyed are possible. QMILKis naturally antibacterial against Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli with a growth inhibition of about 99%. The fiber has a natural flame retardancy and tends to self extinguish. The raw material casein is produced from raw milk which is no longer marketable and according to legislation should not be used as food. For this a side stream is used sustainable and is supplied to its maximum utilization.

Source: QMILK

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