Picanol NV at Techtextil

Picanol NV will be exhibiting for the fourth time at Techtextil. Picanol will be at the Belgian Lounge, organized by Symatex, the Belgian Textile Machinery Association. Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles, and amounts to the world’s central marketing and sourcing platform for users and manufacturers of technical textiles. By using a large info booth, we create a place to communicate and exchange ideas with customers and partners in the business.

As a global leader in the industry of weaving machines, Picanol NV enjoys growing success in the market for technical textiles. Picanol offers technical weavers highly customized solutions for very specific applications, based on machine platforms that are also applied in mainstream applications. In this way, also technical customers enjoy state of the art technology and performance, combined with the evident advantages our leading position offers them: large R&D resources, streamlined high quality production and assembly processes and a worldwide sales and services network. Moreover, Picanol has also invested more than 40 million euros since 2010 in its assembly and test facilities, dedicated machining capacity and a state of the art training center for both customers and its own staff. During Techtextil, Picanol will be presenting break-through solutions in different fields like Wide weaving ( up to 540 cm ) , Heavy weaving , OPW-airbags, Agro-textiles, Carpet-backing etc…

Picanol is welcoming the extra day allocated to this event, as certainly the previous Techtextil showed that only 3 days is not enough to cover all business and to allow time to explore the fairground. Technical textiles are the fastest growing textile segments, and Picanol has the strong ambition to further grow together with its technical customers – enhancing their market success.

Picture: Picanol marks production milestone with 20,000th OptiMax weaving machine

Source: Picanol

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