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Tanatex Chemicals will present at Techtextil cosmetic textiles, polyisocyanates that are free of catalysts, formaldehyde and co-solvents, water repellent fabrics and fabrics for the protection against flying and crawling insects. There’s no smoke without a fire

Ensuring flame retardant properties to PES is difficult, time-consuming and involves several processing steps to fulfil the requirements. In many cases the necessary special property is added during a finishing process after the actual dyeing process. This process cannot always be executed in house for different reasons, therefore it is often executed by a third party. TANATEX Chemicals developed the Express FR Concept. When implementing Express FR you can simply add the special flame retardant product in the dyebath, no additional finishing process is necessary, hence reduction of water, energy and time. Express FR makes the development of flame retardant articles easier, giving you more flexibility and finally putting you in control. The main component of the concept is FLAMEGARD PX, a novel product, especially designed for polyester treatments in exhaust to obtain the – so often requested – flame retardant properties. TANASPERSE® OLG-PX, a special emulsifying/dispersing product, is incorporated for optimal distribution.

When textile goes cosmetic

TANATEX Chemicals offers a wide range of  CosmetoTextile finishes. Our TASTEX® finishing range offers several skin sensations; cosmetic products and temperature regulators. Our BAYSCENT® and TANA®CARE ranges are based on essential ingredients which are enclosed in small shells called microcapsules, realized in a special polyurethane resin and largely impermeable to diffusion. Our special way of encapsulation enables a bounding capacity with the fibre. Wash durability of the effect is between 10 up to 30 washes. Our BAYSCENT® range is the innovative and up-market product line of aromawellness and scenting finishes. TANATEX’s newest range TANA®CARE offers amazing skin care- and protection benefits.

Milestone in modern crosslinking, adhesion promotion and booster technology

TANATEX Chemicals developed a new generation of blocked aliphatic polyisocyanates. The products are completely free of catalysts, formaldehyde and co-solvents. When compared to unblocked- or other blocked isocyanates they have the unique properties of needing lower temperature for de-blocking and having excellent pot-life and storage stability when formulated in coatings and finishes. Based on this state-of-the-art technology, ACRAFIX® PCI performs as an excellent crosslinker and adhesion promoter. We experience a substantial improvement of properties, due to highly branched network building during drying/curing. BAYGARD® FBI is based on the same technology and performs as an outstanding booster. It improves the properties and permanency of our BAYGARD® fluorocarbon- and other repellent finishes on all types of substrates. It additionally improves the film forming properties of the fluorocarbon.

Eco-friendly answer to fluorocarbons

HydrECO is fluorine-free, without cutting down on quality. With this concept, it is possible to create modern state of-the-art outdoor and sportswear and technical fabrics, such as awnings, boat covers and outdoor furnishing. HydrECO is suitable for all fibres and does not compromise on quality. 3D molecules ensure extreme waterproof articles even under extreme circumstances. The water repellent effect is ensured up to 30 washes, while the fabric remains resistant to abrasion and tear. It does not alter the breathability of the fabric and textiles keep their pleasant feel and handle. The HydrECO Concept is based around BAYGARD® WRS, a special 3D-structured polymer which forms a hyper branched network on the textile. This polymer network does not contain any harmful substances such as heavy metals or formaldehyde, yet ensures a high durable water repellent effect on the fabric.

Protection against flying and crawling insects

With TANATEX’s Insect Proof concept, outdoor activities can be enjoyed without having to worry about unwanted company. The long-lasting finish protects users from insects stinging through the fabric and does not leave a negative effect on handle. It also deters ticks that transmit Lyme disease. A finish that can be used on all types of fabric, lasts up to 100 washes and is not noticeable to the user. The active component of Insect Proof concept is a synthetic pyrethroid. Combined with TANATEX’s unique binder system the concept has a profound long lasting effect.

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