Not only cool but hot

The Cool Zone at Texprocess Americas presented some hot new technologies. Famous names, such as VEIT, Gerber Technology and A&E, as well as small companies, such as Henderson and AM4U were presenting their latest products here. A special robot even made eyes at us.

The Cool Zone at Texprocess Americas.

The Cool Zone at Texprocess Americas.

The arms of the Baxter Robot pack, move or load articles, such as spindles, quickly and reliably. Sensors scan the area concerned and identify any inconsistencies in the order or the user. At another exhibition stand, Gerber was showing its Mobile Design Suite, a tablet  and cloud-based CAD solution with which designer can retrieve their new patterns from anywhere in the world.

We were also fascinated by istyling. The software makes it possible to try on garments virtually and offers explicit recommendations for fashion and styling. We have just been holding intensive discussions with Doug Adams from istyling. While he

istyling: Fast help for shopping

istyling: Fast help for shopping.

was explaining the software, we were joined by a fashion retailer. At first, he listened attentively. Then, after a short time, he began taking over the discussion. And, because fairs are primarily about business, we withdrew in the hope that both sides would soon be able to reach a successful business conclusion to the discussion.:-)

Marc Chalupsky

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