No more wrinkles, no more crows’ feet

Techtextil exhibitors, Schmitz Textiles, have actually managed to do it! The company has developed an effective treatment for wrinkles and crows’ feet. Although not for people – for soft-top cars!

Elvis Presley was often seen with his signature quiff blowing in the wind in an open-topped Cadillac. Marylin Monroe drove around the country in a black Ford Thunderbird drop-top (which was sold at auction for over € 400,000 – Whaaat?!). And in the famous final scene of the film ‘Thelma and Louise’ (for anyone who does not know the film – spoiler alert for the link), the same model also plays a not insignificant part.

But the fabric top of these convertibles was subject to the same fate as their famous drivers: the older they got, the more character their outer skin acquired. Convertible-roof specialists talk of ‘white marks’, ‘crows’ feet’, ‘fold marks’, ‘thread displacement’ and ‘fatigue stretching’ – altogether they detract from the perfect surface.

Roof project with Daimler

The new type of convertible-roof fabric from Schmitz Textiles is designed to be almost immune to such marks of ageing and wear. The company developed it together with Daimler specifically for a special edition of the Mercedes AMG C 63. “Our unique fabric has excellent elasticity and recovery properties”, says CEO Textiles at Schmitz, Stefan Ruholl. In addition, the material is capable of extremely accurate fitting and is recyclable into the bargain.

An idea developed from an earlier Techtextil

Moreover, the idea for the new roof covering began life at an earlier Techtextil, says Ruholl, thinking back. At that time, some of the visitors from the automotive sector were interested in material produced by the company, which was being used to make boat covers. “We immediately got together within the company and reflected on how we might go about it”, says Ruholl. As far as the first public presentation of the finished roof here at the trade fair is concerned, he draws an encouraging conclusion: “The response has been very positive; suppliers in the automotive sector are telling us unequivocally that they find it really exciting.” According to the current sales figures, there has been a drop in newly registered convertibles, but perhaps the pleasures of open-air motoring will now enjoy a renaissance in the wake of Techtextil.

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