Night-time in Hall 6.1

Don’t worry – the show’s not over yet! The empty picture above was taken yesterday, as we were just about to leave for home and were suddenly standing all alone, late in the evening, in Hall 6.1 – that was, all of a sudden, our own personal “Night at the Museum” moment.

100 metres at night – but who, one wonders, won race?

100 metres at night – but who, one wonders, won race?

In the film, the night watchman, played by Ben Stiller, walks alone around the museum in which the exhibits (including a bony tyrannosaurus rex, for instance) come to life – whereupon the mayhem begins. As we looked cautiously down the corridors with our eyes peeled, it struck us that, as well as the Hollywood-like atmosphere it exudes at night, Hall 6.1 also manifests some unusual features during the day.

The last Techtextil, then in just three halls, was, so to speak, bursting at the seams, as a result of the huge response. That is why this year saw, for the first time, a fourth hall – number 6.1 – added to the network, so that the exhibitors would not have to sit on each other’s laps. As well as the functional apparel section, the new hall also houses the joint stands of Korea, Croatia and Portugal, together with the promotional area, sponsored by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, where young companies present themselves, their products and services to the visitors at the trade fair.

Whether the astronaut to be seen on the photo wakes up and flies us to the moon… who knows…?

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