New modular, interchangeable coating system

A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG  will be participating at the Techtextil; focussing on its recently introduced Montex Allround modular coating head and advanced solutions for coating and finishing of technical textiles and nonwovens.

 Technical textiles are extremely diverse in their end-use applications and manufacturers can be called upon to quickly produce a succession of materials with widely differing properties. These can range from carbon fabrics for today’s high-performance composites, to filter media which must perform in extreme temperatures. Then there are the heavy duty membranes which are employed in the collection and storage of methane in biogas plants. These very different materials, however, have one thing in common – they all require expert finishing with highest accuracy.

In seeking to cater to the flexibility in processing technology demanded by such wide-ranging production, Monforts has developed the new Montex Allround, a modular, interchangeable coating system for technical textiles. The patented Montex Allround offers considerable benefits to manufacturers of coated technical textiles – and not least in respect of its flexibility. The modular coating heads of the system can be quickly and easily changed by a specially-designed undercarriage from the side of the unit, allowing it to be adapted for different applications, or, for easy cleaning purposes of the coating head outside the machine range. There are modules for knife and slot die coating, in addition to those suitable for flexure, gravure and rotary-screen printing. Special modules for powder scattering and spraying are also available. The unit can be enclosed with a special casing when the handling of fabrics treated with organic-, or even toxic- solvents is taking place.

The Montex Allround, which incorporates a spreading unit and a pulling device along with the selected coating head, allows for the tension-free coating of the substrate along a greatly-reduced web path and a very short period of ‘open’ coating prior to it entering the dryer; ensuring significantly less chance of contamination. The shortest possible distance between the coating head and the stenter infeed ensures the highest quality coating results. Monforts Technologists will also be present to discuss the latest advanced solutions for coating and finishing of technical textiles and nonwovens. 

Source: Monforts

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