New flame-retardant fiber as well as yarns and adhesives from EMS-GRILTECH

EMS-GRILTECH presents its latest developments and products at the Techtextil, including GRILON fibers and yarns for the bonding of technical textiles and GRILTEX Copolyester and Copolyamide adhesives for coating and laminating technical fabrics, fleeces, clothing textiles and non-textile substrates. The copolyesters are used to bond smooth surfaces such as PET or aluminium. The flexibility of the adhesives compensates the tension between substrates with different expansion coefficient. The melt bonding yarns, bicomponent fibres and adhesives are key components in the reinforcement of technical textile constructions.

The products are used as production aids and as pure matrix components in the fixation of multiaxial fabrics for composites. Special GRILON fibers and yarns have been developed, which are mainly used in the RTM process (resin transfer moulding). In addition, GRILTEX adhesives are used for strengthening of unidirectional tapes and stabilization of fabrics and knitwear, thereby improving the mechanical strength of the composite components. Rigidity, heat resistance and transparency are the benefits in utilizing GRILTEX polyamides for the production of organo sheets, according to the company.

The Swiss company will also present NEXYLON FR, the world’s first flame-retardant polyamide fiber in the market. Using this fiber the working life of flame-resistant protective wear may be significantly increased. Wearing comfort is also much higher with its soft touch. Other applications in technical textiles are possible that require inherent flame resistance.

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