New carbon flooring for automobile decorative trims

Mesut Cetin, a textile scientist, who is very specialized in textile three-dimensional performs, is considered the father of the carbon at the institute of textile technology at Aachen University (ITA).His high-tech ground floor tiles, automobile and inner decoration trims as wells as tiles for heating purposes represent a completely new and innovative design material both for exterior and interior applications.

Sideboard with carbon deco elements (Source: ITA Aachen)

Sideboard with carbon deco elements (Source: ITA Aachen)

The tiles can be manufactured and customized as far as colour, haptics and optics are concerned. The new development consists 95 percent of recycled fiber material from the automobile industry. The material looking like wood is long-lasting, chemically resistant and extremely robust. The carbon flooring provided with light-conducting fibers on the surface glows point by point. It can be used as trim in the car interiors, as decorative element on furniture, as floor covering in architecture or as staircase step with safety lighting. Since different materials are combined, no restraints exist with respect to colour, texture, patterns and geometry. By this a customized product design is possible. “We are able to imitate not only textures similar to wood by combining glass fiber fabrics and carbon fibers as stiffening textiles but also tree rings and knotholes”, says Cetin.

When being asked on his visions, the inventor at the Aachen institute for textile technology answers with three

headwords: material development, entrepreneurial autonomy and investment partners. He informs that besides

Mesut Cetin (right)  with his carbon flooring

Mesut Cetin (right) with his carbon flooring (Source: ITA Aachen)

the lighting function a touch and heating function could be integrated as well into the carbon flooring which has been filed for a patent. By that it would be possible, for instance, that by touching an automobile trim in the area of heating a colour change can be produced from “blue = cold” to “red = warm” and in parallel the feeling how it gets warmer inside the car.

Since only a small number of tiles made of carbon flooring exists as a prototype sample, Mesut Cetin is planning a spin off and the foundation of an own company. “The company could be started slowly in parallel to his activity as a department head”, explains Mesur Cetin. He is encouraged by the example of Dr. Andreas Roye. The former employee at the institute of textile technology at Aachen University (ITA) had taken leave of his scientific activity some years ago and founded a new company called Lucem which is engaged in the production of translucent concrete. Since then he is making history in the field of architecture by having built the world-wide first luminous concrete façade on a technical institute building in Aachen. “As soon as a noteworthy market for carbon flooring exists we shall require investment and production partners for the new company”, adds Cetin.

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