More exhibition space than in 2013 – and five other important facts about Techtextil

There are still six months to go till the opening of Techtextil. While we, at the Exhibition Centre, are still busy thinking about where best to put which exhibitor of technical textiles and nonwovens (everyone wants to be near the entrance, of course) a lot has happened since last year. Because we are also great fans of lists, here are the six most important facts about Techtextil 2015:

1. Full house. Exclusive to this blog is the news that we have already, at the time of writing, rented out more floor space than for Techtextil 2013. As a result we are now definitely heading for a new record in terms of the number of exhibitors and amount of surface area covered. By way of a reminder: in June 2013, 1,330 exhibitors and 27,400 visitors attended the show. And we are looking to beat these figures next year.

2. Four days. Last year, the show was attended by ten percent more visitors. Stands were overflowing with visitors, the staff manning them were barely able to answer all the questions they were asked. For that reason, we have now extended the running time of Techtextil to four days. The following days now become red letter days for the diary: 4 to 7 May, Monday to Thursday.

3. Fourth hall. Last year, exhibitor numbers also increased by ten percent. At the same time, the interest in functional apparel textiles grew, too. Personal protective equipment is in demand from Argentina to Cyprus, protective medical clothing is currently helping in the fight against ebola, sportswear is evolving into an all-singing, all-dancing aid with intelligent moisture management and integrated sensors. That’s why the new Hall 6.1 is going to be the rendezvous point for functional apparel. Schoeller and Sympatex have, moreover, already indicated their definite intention to attend.

4. Full programme. Lightweight building materials, multi-functionality and sustainability. These are the three biggest trends that are currently preoccupying the technical textiles sector and will be reflected in the lectures at the Techtextil Symposium. Our guest author, Ms. Schlomski, has published a major blog on each of these over the last months. Missed them? Don’t worry, you will find her posts here:

5. Fantastic events. Are you interested in award-winning innovations? Then we can thoroughly recommend the Techtextil Innovation Award and its accompanying special exhibition: Textile Structures for New Building. This is the title of our student competition, which showcases some really great student projects involving building with textiles. Or do you just fancy a bit of a show? Then, for the first time in 2015, we have a new event for you: the “Innovative Apparel Show.” Details of this will be available by mid November.

6. Processing textile and flexible materials. Preparations are also proceeding apace for our sister event, Texprocess, the leading trade fair in its sector. Almost 85 percent of the total available floor space in 2013 has already been rented out. Anyone who has ever asked themselves what is possible in terms of processing technical textiles and apparel (and that’s a lot!), should come and visit Texprocess. Admission doesn’t cost a cent more for those in possession of a Techtextil ticket and the trade fair runs concurrently with Techtextil.

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