Lingerie, sportswear, luxury fashion – and filters

Vlada Nefedova, Head of Design at LYNXZ, the Dutch clothing manufacturer, was somewhat taken aback to find herself suddenly looking at the logo of the Austrian company, Willy Hermann. “But I’ve only ever known them from clothing fairs,” she said with astonishment, as she flicked through the company’s current collection of circular-knitted and other fabrics for industrial producers, looking for new textiles. “This is our first time at Techtextil,” Ralph Hermann, CEO at Willy Hermann told us, when we talked to him about Nefedova’s amazement: “We do actually come from the apparel industry, but also want to develop the technical textile side of the business, to a certain extent, as an additional string to our bow.”


And he is not an isolated case, if you look around the trade fair, you spot other companies from the field of traditional textiles, presumably with similar intentions to those of Hermann. Instead of the usual fashion wear such as lingerie, sportswear and luxury fashion items, prospective customers at a trade fair for technical textiles would naturally ask rather about the possibilities for industrial filtration applications, potential uses in the field of medicine and the thermal resistance of the fabric. But Hermann seemed confident that they could cope with the demands of Techtex, too. “We manufacture the finest knitted fabrics in the world – and their quality also holds good when it comes to technical textiles”.


Willy Hermann: Hall 4.1 / Stand K25

Background picture: Even at a trade fair for technical textiles, the old cliché seems to hold true: When the woman, here Nefedova, Head of Design at LYNXZ, goes shopping, the man holds the clothing (and his tongue?)

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