Italian Filatura C4 @ Techtextil to introduce first Re.Verso ™ re-engineered wool system for contract: 100%Made in Italy supply chain evolved and integrated for a circular economy based on new production system

Re.Verso™ is an exclusive traceable, certified and 100% made in Italy re-engineered woolfibre, yarn, fabrics based on a fully integrated and selected sourcing system based on traceable pre-consumer textile waste.

Re.Verso ™ platform is performing for many end uses including apparel, homeware textile, accessories and packaging. Filatura C4 is presenting for the first time ever  at Techtextil a range of  breakthrough Re.Verso ™ yarns dedicated to contract and woven fabrics   inside its “Natural Collection “ .

The first qualities to be developed  and shown at Techtextil will use the Re.Verso™ re-engineered  wools exclusively and start with blends of Re.Verso™ wool and polyamide, specifically for the furnishings market, although future finer Re.Verso™ wool micron and yarn counts will also focus on apparel .  A second development stream will mix Re.Verso™ wool with highly technical regenerated para-aramid fibers for extra flame and abrasion resistance, as well as creating a vintage mélange optic in dyeing

This introduction is following the successful presentation of Re.Verso™ in Paris in occasion of Premiere Vision, as the result of two years dedication in the development of the concept and processes by three protagonists: Gucci, C.L.A.S.S. and Re.Verso™ itself. Together they have worked diligently to leverage the advantage that a new and unique supply chain could achieve in delivering more innovative yet responsible fashion materials. Filatura c4 has become renowned for smart innovations in the contract furnishing markets , specializing  over the years in the recuperation of natural  and aramid fibres alike, playing now a protagonist role in the world of technical yarns.
(Source: Filatura C4)

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