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Interview Marc Lorch

High-tech fibres, future markets and his passion for textiles

Companies from the German textile, textile-machinery and garment-technology industries will be presenting their products in the ‘High-Tex from Germany’ exhibition at the Techtextil North America fair in the USA, which is being held alongside the Texprocess Americas fair. Marc Lorch, member of the board of Zwissler Holding, will be representing the companies in the role of Exhibitor President. We spoke to him about high-tech fibres, future markets and his passion for textiles.

Mr. Lorch, as Exhibitor President you will be representing in Atlanta all 66 companies who are participating in the ‘High-Tex from Germany’ exhibition. What are your responsibilities as Exhibitor President?
First of all, I’m delighted that our industry is able to showcase its products so visibly in the USA in the joint exhibition area. The German Pavilion is an ideal platform for us, as medium-sized companies, to present ourselves to the American market. In addition to the trade stands of individual companies, the exhibition will also offer an exciting complementary programme for visitors and exhibitors, which includes the opening press conference and reception in the German Consulate. The Exhibitor President plays a role here in presenting companies’ concerns.

‘Made in Germany’ is the strongest quality label in the world for products and services. What three characteristics would you use to describe textile products bearing the ‘Made in Germany’ label to American business partners?
Today, technical textiles are a very future-oriented material in many areas of application, and German textiles companies are important suppliers for a number of sectors, including the automobile, aerospace, medicine and geotechnology industries. Germany is the world market leader in the field of technical textiles. Textile machines and textile-processing machines are extremely innovative. Companies are at the forefront with their new developments. What’s more, modern processing plants and innovative products contribute to greater sustainability.

What importance do the USA and the American market have for companies from the German textile, textile-machinery and garment-technology industries?
The USA have been one of the most important export and sales markets for our companies for years. ‘Made in Germany’ products are popular in the USA.

We could say you’re a textile enthusiast with every fibre of your being. You began your professional career in the family business. What is it that fascinates you personally about textile materials?
Above all, I am personally fascinated in how diverse textile products are. For many people, textiles primarily mean clothing products. But of course, textiles are much more than that: no aeroplanes fly or cars move without textiles in their seats, motors or load-bearing parts. Also, medicine, construction and geo-technical engineering have long been inconceivable without textiles. And the high level of research intensity in the field of textiles will ensure that we continue to be one of the most innovative sectors.

In your opinion, what has changed most since you started out in the textiles sector and what does the sector expect in the future?
The level of automation has risen dramatically in many areas. This will continue to be the case with the opportunities provided by digitalisation. It will be important here to use human and technological strengths to best advantage, in order to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

What tips would you like to pass on to young people who are interested in a career in the textiles sector?
Vocational training is a very good foundation. Our sector is future-oriented and it has a wide range of exciting vocational training to offer. There are comprehensive opportunities for further training and career advancement. We need people who are interested and motivated, who can put theoretical knowledge into practice and who can deliver the quality that is ‘Made in Germany’.

The ‘High-Tex from Germany’ exhibition for high-tech textiles from Germany
Companies from the German textile, textile-machinery and garment-technology industries will make presentations at the ‘High-Tex from Germany‘ exhibition in Atlanta from 22 to 24 May 2018. The exhibition is hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie – BMWi), in cooperation with the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (Ausstellungs- und Messe-Ausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft – AUMA). It is organised within the framework of the Techtextil North America and Texprocess Americas trade fairs, which take place every two years in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The initiators of the exhibition are the German textil+mode association, VDMA Textile Care, Fabric and Leather Technologies and VDMA Textile Machines. Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest provider of textiles fairs, is organising the event on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.


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