Innovative process solutions for nonwovens technologies

ANDRITZ Group will be presenting its latest nonwovens technologies at Techtextil. The company provides leading turnkey and individual production solutions for spunlace, wetlaid, needlepunch, technical textiles, bonding and finishing for spunbond applications.

Tailor-made calendering concept for high flexibility

ANDRITZ’s latest development is an innovative system solution for textile producers that combines two ANDRITZ calender technologies, teXcal s-roll and teXcal trike. The system is distinguished by high flexibility and quality in textile finishing for a wide range of applications, such as technical textiles, sport or outdoor wear, linings, filters, air-bag material, or African damask.

Proven hydroentanglement system for many technical applications

Whether for automotive, geotextile, filtration, or coating substrates, ANDRITZ provides proven hydroentanglement solutions for various technical applications. The ANDRITZ hydroentanglement system Jetlace can be integrated easily into the ANDRITZ neXline spunlace line. For technical applications, this line will be configured with a crosslapper and drafter, which results in a balanced MD/CD ratio and grammage of up to 400 gsm.The ProDyn control system helps nonwovens producers save raw materials and obtain high web uniformity, while the ANDRITZ injector water distribution and water filtration systems ensure high product quality.

With the Spunjet process, ANDRITZ offers two solutions: Spunjet Bond and Spunjet Splittable. Nonwovens producers can select the Spunjet Bond solution, which is in-line hydroentanglement of spunlaid filament for versatile applications such as roofing, packaging, protective covering, hot gas filtration, and molding. To open up new business opportunities in durable fabrics, for example acoustic and thermal insulation, customers can choose the Spunjet Splittable, which is for splitting and hydroentanglement of spunlaid bi-component filaments.

Needlepunch solutions for the ever more demanding nonwovens market

For both light and heavy fabrics, ANDRITZ neXline needlepunch improves the production rate of every individual machine all along the line. Such lines are designed to provide more added value, such as higher tensile strength, better MD/CD ratios, or evenness. For heavy needlepunched fabrics from 400 to 1,800 gsm, ANDRITZ neXline needlepunch offers a production capacity in excess of 2,200 kg/hour, with balanced tensile strength capabilities. An example of an application process could be geotextile manufacturing, where heavy fabrics are usually stronger in cross direction. Delivering equal strength performance in both directions, with excellent fabric resilience, will generate fiber savings by further reducing the fabric’s average weight.

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