Innovative adhesives for increased functionality of textiles

The technology of bonding is a well-established integral operation in the manufacturing processes of the textile and automotive industries. Innovative adhesives with improved and new performance characteristics are focusing on aspects far beyond the primary functionality of for instance textile end products. Jowat SE presents adhesive novelties at  Techtextil for more efficiency, flexibility and reliability in manufacture.

Durable adhesives in perfect interaction with air and water for innovative textile compounds

Breathability, washing resistance, windproof characteristics, and water repellence: the demands on modern, functional clothing textiles are multiplying and becoming more and more stringent. With the new moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesives from the product series Jowatherm-Reaktant® PUR Tex introduced by Jowat SE at Techtextil, according to the company new standards are established, especially in the areas breathability and washing resistance.

The breathability of textile compounds produced with the new adhesives (at equal adhesive coatings) clearly comes out ahead. Focusing on the factor washing resistance, the new PUR hot melt adhesives from Jowat also excel by reaching top marks. Good adhesion on a variety of membranes and textiles and high compound strength round off the multiple advantages of these new breathable PUR hot melts.

Sympatex jacket with detail drawing of membrane. ‘Polyurethane hot melt adhesives from Jowat for more breathability and washing resistance in functional clothing’ textiles’ Source: Sympatex Technologies GmbH

Sympatex jacket with detail drawing of membrane. ‘Polyurethane hot melt adhesives from Jowat for more breathability and washing resistance in functional clothing’ textiles’
Source: Sympatex Technologies GmbH

The  introduction of new raw materials led to adhesive formulations with characteristics unknown so far, and an extraordinary elasticity of the laminated textiles. As Jowat SE further states, the resulting extremely soft handle of the textiles substantially improves the comfort of wear of the garment materials.

Especially in the manufacture of functional textiles, manufacturing processes can be made substantially more efficient when the bonding technology is consistently exploited. Highly challenging for the finishing process of membrane lamination are textiles that have already been impregnated with fluorocarbons for improved water repellence. These difficult to bond surfaces require powerful products with excellent adhesion properties. Utilising the new, breathable adhesives from Jowat SE supports the optimisation of the laminating processes, with reduced pressing times, higher reproducibility and improved handling flexibility of the base materials and laminates.

Sympatex Technologies GmbH, one of the leading global suppliers of high-tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories and technical applications, is therefore drawing on the advantages of the breathable laminating adhesives from Jowat.

Process-optimised adhesives for laminating automotive interior panelling.

Apart from numerous other applications for adhesives in automotive interiors, Jowat SE is focusing on products for the lamination of automotive interior panelling. The higher the level of complexity of the materials selected and the more challenging the geometry of the components, the greater are the requirements on the adhesives and on the application technology used.

The VACFLOW method was developed jointly by Jowat SE and solution partner companies. VACFLOW ensures that the manufacture of pilot production components is less time- and cost-intensive, processes are more reliable, waste in serial production is reduced and the finished component has a clearly lower weight.

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