Improved WVTR measurements of low perm materials

MRS Seitter GmbH shows this year on Techtextil the innovative development of GINTRONIC AG.  The new Automatic Gravimetric WVTR Tester GINTRONIC GraviTest 6250 comes with a 0.01mg balance as a standard feature.


Automatic Gravimetric Water Vapour Permeability Tester. Source: MRS

The 0.01 mg balance makes, according to the company, WVTR measurements of low perm materials 2-3 times faster than the previous generation systems. The maximum load of the new 0.01mg balance is an enormous 250g. This extremely wide measuring range allows for the coverage of all of the existing applications in WVTR measurement. This  includes wet cup, inverted cup, and dry cup, measurements with or without wax or mechanical sealing.

The GraviTest 6250-50 can accommodate samples as thick as 50mm. GraviTest 6250 and 6250-50 fully comply withEN ISO 12572, EN 1931, ASTM E96, ISO 2528 and many other Test Methods.

Source: MRS Seitter GmbH

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