High Quality for Technical Textiles and Non-Woven Material

At this year’s Techtextil, BST ProControl presents its solutions for an exact measurement and quality control of flat materials. Visitors can get an overview of the techniques for continuous measurement of technical textiles and non-woven materials.

The products manufactured in these industries usually underlie precisely defined characteristics, which do not excuse any material defects. The sensors of the Indi product family offered by BST ProControl are predestined for these characteristics, since they ensure a fast, reliable and exact measurement of factors like layer thickness, density, moisture or even the total thickness of a material. In the field of technical textiles, especially the precise basis weight measurement – which detects and evaluates the representative material quantity – is of importance. Thanks to the usage of real time monitoring, the measuring systems intervene in case of deviation automatically in the production processes’ control loop, to make relevant corrections.

In the course of this, BST ProControl presents its modern control software INDICON XL at their booth. By using this software, data control and possible corrections are easy to perform. During the ongoing process all relevant data is detected and can be visualized, so that possible errors can be corrected immediately and faults are reduced to a minimum. Thus, the products of BST ProControl meet all requirements concerning efficiency and process optimization: Considerable time savings, reduced waste and as a result a particularly low consumption of raw materials ensure an economical production and increase the product quality.

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