German-Saudi Textile Friendship

We did a double take as we were passing the exhibition stand of Saudi Arabia’s Obeikan Technical Fabrics Co. Ltd., a company specialising in the production of textile roofs for stadiums, bio-gas plants and trucks. Wasn’t that a Saudi and German flag – being used as a table cloth? So, we did a quick about turn and asked Abdullah L. Olabi, Obeikan’s Marketing and Sales Manager, about the unusual table decor.


He regards the flag table cloths as symbols: “Although our company is based in Riyadh, all the machines for making our technical textiles come from Germany”, said the engineer. Why? Olabi laughs: “What a question! Because Germany is famed for its durable, high-quality machines.” And then, while he posed for our photograph, asked whether we were aware of that …

Obeikan Technical Fabrics Co. Ltd.: Hall 3 / Stand J54

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