Today, our Exhibitor News are all about the versatility of technical textiles.
We have asked some of our exhibitors what to expect from them at Techtextil and heard about some really interesting products. For example, Ettlin and Freudenberg Nonwovens will present a variety of product innovations at the trade fair.

Ettlin presents at Techtextil 2013 three of their


Source – Ettlin

product lines. The new developments concern the areas of light industrial fabric, fabric for outdoor architecture and textiles with integrated microelectronics. With the product line ETTLIN lux, the company presents a new decoration material which can be used not only for lighting design, but also as a room acoustic element. At Techtextil, the company will first introduce the fabric as finished acoustic module that can be composed so that it improves the acoustics in addition to the lighting design.

Another novelty are textiles with integrated microelectronics, which can be used as an intrusion detectors or as a sensor. Ettlin presents at the trade fair the first experimental models and prototypes of this line, including a textile for force and strain measurement, which is being developed as a component of a structural health monitoring system. The sensor allows “tissues” according to Ettlin, to monitor strains in composite structures or buildings without extensive and costly tests constantly.


Freudenberg Nonwovens will present at this year’s Techtextil in Frankfurt, among other things, its new

Freudenberg Vliesstoffe transdermale Lösung300x215

Source – Freudenberg Vliesstoffe

product Vilmed transdemale solutions in various segments, among them Medtech. Vilmed is a multi-elastic support material which allows prolonged treatment of wounds. The Oeko-Tex Certificate, Class 1 was the originator for its allergy-free bedding. Another product, Evolon which is a textile for the prevention of allergies, has a very fine micro filament structure and thus acts as a physical barrier against allergens.



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