Today, we take a look at some product innovations from our exhibitors Contitech, Trelleborg and Trevira.


Source – Trevia

Trevira presents polyester – and hybridyarns and micro – and spun-dyed filaments. With the new developments in his program Trevira fiber is increasingly focusing on ecological solutions. The sustainability concept in this product segment is thereby supported primarily on the optimization of existing products of the PES fiber programme, such as a PET / PE fiber with a low melting point, which leads to energy savings in processing and enables higher system throughput. In addition, the offer was extended to fibers from biopolymers (PLA) for various technical applications. There is a new PLA/PLA- bi-component fiber which is currently in the commercialisation phase.

ContiTech Elastomer Coatings presents at Techtextil 2013 in Frankfurt fabric products for diving suits and hybrid fabrics.
For example, the company developed a coated fabric for diving suits, which should be  absolutely water-resistent. These properties provide the user with protection and security in the water. On the one hand, the fabric is designed so that it will protect against chemicals and on the other hand, offers optimal freedom of movement and protection against cold for the user, according to Contitech.  ContiTech also produces a hybrid material consisting of thermoplastics and elastomers. The combination of both materials allows the use of the properties of the substances. The elastomers provide the resistance to chemicals, thermoplastics allow welding of the material.

Trelleborg’s solution for hovercraft skirts is a polyamide fabric coated on two sides with Neoprene®. This very high performance engineered fabric uses high tenacity yarns and the best weaving construction, in combination with a special rubber formulation based on Neoprene® polymer. Engineered to cushion the weight of a hovercraft against seawater, ice and sand, while withstanding the pressure of the air held, the formulation guarantees a strong adhesion of fibers and provides high abrasion resistance and strength. This premium product allows you to build higher performance vessels, in turn lowering the total cost of ownership over the life of the watercraft.

In addition, to protect against substances as aggressively corrosive as strong acids and even bacteriologic gases, protective suits require a truly high-performance fabric. They must meet high industry standards such as BS EN 943 and NFPA 1991, to be approved for the ultimate application of ensuring personal safety. To help customers meet these exacting standards, Trelleborg has engineered a high performance polymer solution using polyamide fabric coated on two sides with CSM and Neoprene®.

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