Outlast, market leader of phase change materials (PCM) is working on the transfer of the PCM technology into new fibre families. One new development is the first PCM polyester fiber fill.

PCM polyester fiber are used as filling for duvets, pillows or sleeping bags to help to actively balance temperature and humidity during the night. But Outlast is also looking at the apparel market at the moment. Here, Outlast is planning to develop a new fiber fill as insulation for jackets and other products.

Outlast_PCM Fiber Fill_300x215

Source – Outlast Technologies LLC

Important: Outlast® technology manages the climate proactively, in contrast with other technologies that only wick away humidity. Tests with the independent system THG SleepView (from C. Russ) indicated that for example a duvet with an Outlast® PCM fiberfill can reduce absolute humidity by 48% compared to a traditional duvet. Especially looking at insulation systems it is essential that the system stays dry as moisture damages all insulation values. Wicking technologies wick the sweat away. Outlast technology is a complete different concept. As the smart phase change material can absorb excess body heat when it is created, there have to be no sweat produced to cool you down.

Source: Outlast Technologies LLC

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