Karl Mayer and John Manville will both exhibit again at Techtextil 2013.

Karl Mayer at Techtextil 2013 presents new products in the areas of noise and shading,

Karl meyer300x215

Source – Karl Mayer

including the product “OMBRA-DLS”. The textile can regulate the diffusion of light and air. It consists of a stretchable knitted mesh fabric. By stretching and relaxation, the light diffusion of the sunshade fabric can be adjusted. The company also presents a spacer fabric which was developed for noise reduction. Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, a knitted fabric was developed which is characterized by improved draping and light weight.

Johns Manville brings a new glass mat with a specially developed coating for digital and direct pressure. This material can be used as decoration and reinforcement layer for thin and light wood-based panels. Furthermore, the company presents binder-free, non-flammable fiberglass needle mats. The temperature resistance of this material is up to 500 ° C. In this area, Johns Manville also developed a non-combustible A2 classified material composition, which comes as a decorative panel for ventilated curtain facades.

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