Our topic today for Exhibitor News are additives. The exhibitors Sanitized and Grafe show at Techtextil their innovative products.

Sanitized, a producer of antimicrobial hygiene function and material protection for textiles, launches two new additives for protection of soft PVC. Sanitized PL 12-32 is a product of high water resistance


Source – Sanizied

and UV stability makes it suitable for outdoor applications. Sanitized PL 12-33 has the feature of high temperature resistance and enables processing of the textile. This product can be primarily used for indoor application. Both products promise a protection against microbes and have a high UV and temperature stability. Also there should be no odor or biofilm formation.

A new additive masterbatch for product marking. The product developed by Grafe marked synthesis yarns and fibers, thus improving the safety of the product counterfeiting. Using an X-ray fluorescence analysis, a product marking is determined. This is made possible by a combination of chemical substances. The active substances in the masterbatch are resistant against high temperature and resistant to solvents and other dye baths. Thus, staining of the prepared fibers with the masterbatch is possible.

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