Membrane technology for sporting goods

Membrane specialist eVent® fabrics will feature its numerous technologies and fabrics used in footwear, apparel and accessories at Techtextil. While the U.S.-based manufacturer is best known for its pioneering air permeable and waterproof ePTFE membranes used by over 75 sports apparel and footwear brands, the company also serves the military, professional workwear and uniform markets with protective membrane solutions.

eVent® Professional membranes provide barrier against hazards and weather

For years, eVent fabrics has been using bi-component Direct Diffusion™ membrane technology to create fabrics for clothing, footwear and accessories for military, police and firefighters around the world.   These polyurethane (PU) membranes meet the most rigorous specifications depending on the end use and environment where products will be used. Typically, these membranes—configured in 3-layer laminates—can be waterproof, windproof and breathable to guard against the weather. But the same technology can provide protection against hazards on the job, such as fire, toxic chemicals, petroleum, bloodborne pathogens and more.

At Techtextil, eVent fabrics will also show how its high quality, US-made ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane portfolio can offer superior technical capabilities, performance and benefits for the work force. eVent’s award-winning Direct Venting™ air permeable technology yields the best possible comfort from overheating and weather, and therefore helps improve safety and productivity of workers.


DVstretch™ ePTFE membrane and fabrics come to market

Stretch fabrics made with the patented eVent® membrane technology have come to the active sportswear market, thanks to a collaboration between Italian textile house ITTTAI-Bel Punto S.r.l. and the team at eVent fabrics.  The pioneering DVstretch™ technology features the eVent ePTFE membrane in laminations that have an unprecedented degree of stretch—finished fabrics can stretch up to 85% and fully recover. Two developments were required to successfully create the high-stretch DVstretch laminates.  ITTTAI-Bel Punto created the proprietary lamination process that allows the three-layer laminates to stretch yet retain their elasticity.  The eVent fabrics team produced a unique membrane product that would meet the requirements of the lamination process, as well as achieve specific performance benefits. DVstretch is one of eVent fabrics’ membranes with Direct Venting™ (DV) technology, meaning that the membranes are air permeable and have a porous structure that lets heat and body moisture pass through easily.  Additionally, DVstretch is windproof and provides waterproof protection.

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