At this year’s Techtextil, Alexium International is debuting their Alexiflam-SYN formulation, a wash durable, eco-friendly flame retardant (FR) treatment for synthetic fabrics, including 100% nylon, 100% polyester, 100% acrylic, and synthetic-rich blends. Previous durable FR treatments for 100% synthetic fabrics contained decabromodiphenyl ether (deca), which has been shown to bioaccumulate in the environment. Recent deca-free chemistries have been in the form of molecular salts; however, Alexium offers a product that is wash durable for customers wanting durability and exceptional FR performance without sacrificing sustainability.

Copyright: Alexium

Copyright: Alexium

Due to its aqueous nature, Alexiflam-SYN can be applied with conventional textile equipment either by knife or foam-coating and also impregnation using a pad. It can be combined with silicone to give both FR performance and water resistance, and it is compatible with other accessory chemistries which allow purchasers to blend custom formulations that not only address their FR needs but also the specifications required for their final product.

According to Alexium, Alexiflam-SYN also gives superior FR performance similar to a deca solution without the environmental concerns. By utilizing a unique combination of flame-retardants, the Alexium treatment is effective at preventing flame spread from both the gas phase, by dilution, and the condensed phase, by forming a carbonaceious char. Alexium-SYN is able to limit the production of flammable gases required to sustain combustion as well as minimize smoke generation. This performance is not unlike the effective brominated compounds, however Alexiflam-SYN does not have the bio-persistent drawbacks.

Alexiflam-SYN passes flammability standard ASTM D-6413, which makes is suitable for apparel applications, and it will work for other commercial end-uses where synthetic fabrics are common. For more information, please visit www.alexiuminternational.com.


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