Eco giant: The world´s only carbon reinforced bridge construction

The requirements of builders regarding sustainability and resource conservation have experienced a rapid increase in recent years. solidian GmbH is facing these building requirements of the future with textile reinforcements and textile concrete.

The start-up of the Zollern-Alb region has already realized numerous projects with non-metallic concrete reinforcement. Since the beginning of 2016, an extraordinary building construction in Albstadt-Ebingen has demonstrated the possibilities of technical textiles. The steel bracing was completely dispensed with solidian GRID Q95 / 95-CCE-38 carbon reinforcement system for the realization of a footbridge and cycle path bridge.

Lightweight: With only 14 tons, the carbon construction weighs about half of a comparable steel construction / Photo: Solidian

Lightweight: With only 14 tons, the carbon construction weighs about half of a comparable steel construction / Photo: Solidian

By using this innovative way of building, the usual concrete cover is being reduced to 15 mm which results in the construction of extremely slim structures. Up to this point, the structure of modern concrete style hardly differs at first glance from an ordinary steel structure. But this will change with time: while the use of non-metallic carbonates as reinforcement in concrete components prevents corrosion damage, the steel reinforcement is not resistant to chlorides. To bear witness to this, Germany’s roads and paths as well as several bridges are showing unsightly effects of melting salts in form of optical defects such as concrete spalling. Far more damage is caused by the corrosion to the reinforcement when the consequence may be repairs to or even the replacement of the building. But this does not necessarily mean working with steel reinforcement again, because the light weight of carbon concrete bridges allows their use for bridges in need of reconstruction, using existing abutments.
solidian is particularly proud of the environmental bonuses of the bridge, which, with its low weight and the minimal maintenance costs, stands for economic efficiency and sustainability.

Visit solidian GmbH which will exhibit at Techtextil in hall 3.1 at the C45 booth.

Author: Christian Kulas, PhD, solidian GmbH

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