DORNIER at Techtextil: “The Green Machine”

Lindauer DORNIER GmbH presents at this year‘s Techtextil machines for upmarket high-tech textiles for the protection of people and the environment such as functional textiles for solid matter, wet and air filtration as well as shading.
Under the slogan “The Green Machine“ DORNIER broaches the issue of sustainable machine development for the production of upmarket textiles in order to contribute to the reduction of the environmental pollution. Applications in the field of protective textiles, e.g. against ultraviolet solar radiation, clothing textiles for fire and ballistics applications are growing markets for which DORNIER serves individually tailored technology concepts.

The Bavarian-Swabian family enterprise offers with its weaving machine system family comprising the rapier and air-jet machines an innovative and sustainable machine concept for the production of upmarket high-tech textiles. The prerequisite for this excellent machine concept are creative engineering work and weaving technological know-how. Approx. 8% of the annual turnover are therefore deployed for research and development.

With the product line “DORNIER Composite Systems®“, introduced in 2014, the company combines the competences of the operating divisions weaving machines and specialty machines in order to be able to offer trendsetting installations for the production of technical fabrics made of high performance fibers. When further processed, these textile semi-finished products become efficient composite materials used as a central component in many lightweight constructions. Applications are to be found not only in aviation and aerospace but also increasingly in the fields of mechanical engineering and construction, architecture, automobile industry as well as lifestyle. Innovations in the textile sector but also in the plastic process engineering are combined by “DORNIER Composite Systems®“ and efficient processes for the composite technology developed out of it. Thus, Lindauer DORNIER GmbH offers weaving machines specifically for the production of textile surfaces for composite technology: DORNIER rapier weaving machines with a positive controlled center transfer, weaving machines for 3D structures as well as DORNIER tape weaving machines. In parallel, a tape production line for the application-specific production of thermoplastically fixed or consolidated tapes is available. The production of the resulting high class end products requires that all production-related stages perform together with greatest precision.

DORNIER convinces by an unique weaving technological expert knowledge and consulting competence.
This combination and the know-how of our partners provide an added value for our customers also including in the field of coating, further processing and production of textile semi-finished products.

Hereby, the high-precision DORNIER weaving machines represent an important element in a complex manufacturing process. The processing of “intelligent“ yarns for function-optimized tissues but also very heavy yarns such as for conveyor belts are DORNIER standard. Apart from that, DORNIER rapier and air-jet weaving machines are a guarantor in the sectors of domestic and clothing textiles for a successful and innovative future.

Source: Dornier

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