blackout films for blocking out the sun and sustainable thermoplastic film adhesives

At Techtextil, Collano will unveil innovative specialty adhesives for the apparel industry, e.g. for shoes, leisurewear, sportswear and protective clothing. The Swiss adhesives specialist will also present technical textile adhesives for use in the construction industry, the domestic, industrial and medical sectors, and for geotextiles. The company will have two new highlights at the exhibition: blackout films for blocking out the sun and thermoplastic film adhesives with eco-passport certification.

Blackout film. Copyright: Collano

Blackout film. Copyright: Collano

Blackout films for blocking out the sun
Collano has launched a new blackout film, which is characterised by a soft, textile hand, a high degree of whiteness and a good darkening effect. Handling of the blackout film will not pose a problem for manufacturers of blackout fabrics. Thanks to the use of film adhesives, a uniform coating weight across the entire length and width is guaranteed. Short lengths, too, can be coated without any problems. What’s more, because the film adhesives are laminated without drying or crosslinking, the manufacturing process is energy efficient and can be carried out in a single step. Can be used with all textiles and standard thermocalenders.

Film adhesives with eco-passport certificate
Products certified to Ökotext Standard 100 create transparency and act as a safeguard for both textile manufacturers and users. Thermoplastic film adhesives from Collano were recently awarded this ecopassport certificate. Textile manufacturers thus know that the delivered adhesives have already been tested – and that saves them time and money. Collano is helping to reassure users that textiles have been tested for harmful substances. By embracing established standards such as Öko-Tex Standard 100, collaborating with manufacturers of adhesives coating machinery and developing adhesives that customers want, the experienced Collano team is clearly demonstrating that it is an innovative partner to the textile industry.

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