Big bear hostess and lonely “Isoman”

She looks very neat, the cuddly receptionist on the stand of FROHN GmbH from Schauenstein. But, on second thoughts, the fact that the company have hired a teddy bear dressed in a fireman’s uniform as a trade-fair hostess makes perfect sense. As FROHN’s Managing Director, Wolfgang Frohn explains, the company has managed, for the first time anywhere in the world, to produce e.g. fireproof safety wear in bright signal yellow using the heat and flame-resistant fibre Nomex®, one of the best known fireproof fibres from the DuPont company.


Before, it had only been possible in the less conspicuous colours of red and blue. Additional reflectors had had to be attached to the fireproof clothing in order to make the fire-fighters visible at night or in a smoke-filled atmosphere. Of course, special jackets are available for situations like this, but are prone to burst into flames in high temperatures. This danger should, thanks to the new non-flammable, luminous yellow product from this company in Upper Franconia, now be a thing of the past.


Lonely “Isoman” in search of a wife

Der Isoman315x244

Well-insulated campaigner looking for a wife: the “Isoman” on the stand of Frenzelit Werke GmbH

Just a few metres further on, we come upon another weird and wonderful figure on the stand of Frenzelit Werke GmbH from Bad Berneck: the so-called ‘Isoman’. The entire body of this dear little chap, made entirely from the parts of an old exhaust pipe welded together, is covered with examples of textile insulation for use in the automotive industry. While we are taking the photographs, Ilkay Özkisaoglu, Frenzelit’s Marketing Manager in the Technical Textiles Division, explains the advantages of textile insulation: “Heat shields based on textiles require fewer tools to construct and to build with.” That makes them more efficient and more cost-effective in use. And textile insulation, he says, in contrast to traditional solutions available on the current market, is distinguished by greater flexibility, because it needs less construction space and, at the same time, also demonstrates greater resistance to high temperatures.

When we bring up the subject of the “Isoman” with Özkisaoglu, he admits: “Sure, the ‘Isoman’ is our eye-catcher, but he also demonstrates all the various combinations that are possible with high-temperature, textile insulation.” Then he adds, laughing: “Oh yes – by the way – we are looking for a wife for him!”


If you’re interested, get in touch with us. We are happy to pass on all enquires – and we won’t ask questions – promise!…..


“Big Bear”: Hall 3.1 / Stand F23

“Isoman”: Hall 3.1 / Stand F74

Background picture: Big Bear – Waiting for his next call-out: the furry fireman on the stand of FROHN GmbH, who isn’t wearing the fireproof new development from Bavaria, though!

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