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Source: Fanatic & Sebastian Schoeffel

What’s SUP?

It’s been the hottest trend sport over the last two summers: stand-up paddling, SUP for short. There is hardly a lake or river on which the stand-up paddlers do not cruise up and down with their boards. An integral part of this trendy leisure sport on water consists of technical textiles. Ronny Eckert Read more...

Source: HPtex

Textile antennas for use in space

In Steven Spielberg’s film of the 1980s, all that was needed for E.T. to build an aerial to telephone home were a few everyday objects, including an umbrella and a coat hanger. These days, our little Extra Terrestrial would doubtless have to create something a bit more elaborate to communicate with his home planet. Ronny ... Read more...

Source: Juliane Träger on Pixabay

Textile face masks against coronavirus

On 11 March, the WHO declared the coronavirus a world-wide pandemic. All over the world people are asking: how can I protect myself? Textile researcher and biologist Dr. Anja Gerhardts explains how commercially available face masks work – and how they don’t. Ronny Eckert Read more...

Facade (Source: ECE

Textile facade soaks up pollutants from the air

Numerous studies show that nitrogen oxides are harmful to both humans and nature. The main cause is, above all, the traffic on the roads. An architect from Aachen now wants to trap this number-one air pollutant using coated fibres. Ronny Eckert Read more...

Dr. Fabian Schreiber - Source: Digihub & Paint the Town

From LAN party to textile research

Fabian Schreiber was 23 when he founded his first company. Initially he held network parties and organised PC seminars for senior citizens. Both activities might come to his aid in his future work as head of a textile-research institute. An interview about the tardy digitalisation of the textile industry, greater courage for change, and Spiderman. ... Read more...

Former apprentice training in the VEB cotton spinning mill, Plauen/ Source: Wolfgang Schmidt

The textile ‘Wende’

Round about now, Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Wall coming down. The fortified barrier fell on 9 November 1989. With a total length of almost 1,400 kilometres, it split Germany into two parts for 28 years and divided the textile and clothing industry there as well. Ronny Eckert Read more...