Animal cunning!

How does one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polymers, with a turnover of € 14.6 billion in 2018 get even more attention at Techtextil? The answer lies in a cleverly coated dog’s bed, together with its own resident ‘guard dog’.

Francis of Assisi is supposed to have once said: “The fact that the dog is dearest to me, you, O human, say is a sin? Yet the dog remained faithful to me in the storm; the human not even in the wind.” And amid all the hustle and bustle surrounding the Covestro exhibition stand, a shaggy four-legged friend has indeed remained faithful to them – even the hard-nosed trade and professional visitors to the show could clearly not resist such a cuddly attention-magnet.

“Even we ourselves are a bit surprised at the success of the dog’s bed,” says Thomas Michaelis, Director, Textile Coatings Europe at Covestro. As you would expect, the basket, of course, has a link to the show, too; called ‘The Island’ the bed, specifically designed for four-legged friends, comes from the Munich company ‘StyleSnout’, ‘an innovative brand for pet supplies’, as the company describes itself on its website.

The founders of Snout, Sandra Baumeister and Katja Dalhöfer used solvent-free synthetics for the bed, coated with water-based polyurethane from Covestro. “We deliberately avoid animal-based materials in our products. But over and above that, the whole issue of sustainability is very important,” Dalhöfer is quoted as saying in a press release.

According to Covestro, their coating, which they themselves devised in-house, fits in perfectly with this philosophy and enables functional textiles and synthetics to be produced with a smaller ecological footprint than that of conventional polyurethane coatings. Baumeister and Dalhöfer are, moreover, animal lovers themselves: in 2013, together with several partners, they set up an animal protection society, which rescues stray dogs in Rumania. We wish these present-day disciples of Assisi continued success in their endeavour!

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