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Techtextil closes its door today. And, as we could hear in the corridor outside our office, it was a great success. However, these are the opinions of our colleagues. So what did the visitors and exhibitors think? They can’t escape us because they have to dismantle their stands. Which gives us enough time to gather some comments.



Hendrik Hauss, Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf


I can already say that, for us, Techtextil was extremely good. We encountered many of our customers and drew attention to ourselves. Naturally, one also looks around at what the competition is doing. Generally speaking, trade fairs such as Techtextil give institutes such as ours the chance to initiate new projects with the aim of exploiting the results of our research.


Catherine Martinet, Purchasing Director Europe, Performance Fibers Europe SARL


During the fair, we took the opportunity to speak with existing customers about additional business. Moreover, we presented a variety of new products, which were very well received. I have the good feeling that this will result in more interesting projects and business for us. Taking part in the fair paid off for us.


Gökeren Dinler, student textile engineer


I came here especially from Hof to obtain practical insights into what we learn on a primarily theoretical plane in our studies. My main subject is ‘innovative textiles’ and I have been really fascinated to see just how innovative the presentations made by the textile sector are here at the fair. I took my intermediate diploma as a textile engineer in Istanbul but wanted very much to conclude my course of studies in Germany – not only because Germany has a long textile tradition but also because German sources are frequently quoted in the teaching material used by my lecturers in Istanbul on the subject of technical textiles. You could say I have now found the ‘source of’ innovative technical textiles.


Dr Heribert Decher, CEO, Heytex Group


We are primarily interested in innovations in the field of technical textiles. I am pleased to say that we were able to draw considerable attention to our company with the products presented at Techtextil. From my point of view, a decisive benefit of trade fairs such as this is that one can identify the main areas of demand within the sector. We noticed that our product portfolio includes innovations that are suitable for many areas of application in the technical-textiles sector. Therefore, I can say that the fair was a complete success for us and we will certainly be back again in 2015.


And we will, too. But, beforehand, we have a question: didn’t you read our blog because you were so pleased with the highly successful fair? Or why do you only praise the fair and not the blog?! Ok, ok, we’ll hold our peace …

Background picture: A sector with a long tradition – and lots of bright perspectives: textile-engineering student Gökeren Dinler inspects a map of the German textile-research landscape

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