Allma Volkmann to present its TechnoCorder TC2

Allma Volkmann, a market leader and an innovator in twisting and cabling machinery for tyre and industrial applications, will provide comprehensive information on all its latest developments at Techtextil. This year the focus is on the TechnoCorder TC2 with interesting developments in FlexiPly and the new 830 mm spindle gauge.

New market opportunities

The Allma two-for-one double twisting machine TechnoCorder TC2 for industrial yarns is said to be characterized in particular by its high flexibility. Self-sufficient spindle technology is designed to enable individual settings for each spindle; the separate spindle drives are set via integrated IPC at the control cabinet.

FlexiPly enables the creation of new hybrid constructions, the company reports. Innovative hybrid yarns are used for industrial textiles with new properties. Thus, for example, hybrid yarns can be used in tire production or mechanical rubber goods (MRG). Hybrid yarns previously produced on ring twisters are now much more economical to produce on the TechnoCorder TC2, the company believes.

Material flexibility

The TechnoCorder TC2 is extended by a larger spindle gauge and thus with gauge of 830 mm is more flexible for processing of coarse titers. High end premium yarns in extremely sensitive materials or coarser items can be produced in top quality, economically and flexibly on TechnoCorder TC2, according to the company. Some examples for material diversity are PA, PES, AR, CV and PP.

High productivity

With the new winding unit, especially compact yarn packages can be produced in top quality. With delivery speed of 450 m/min, the TechnoCorder TC2 is also said to be one of the fastest twisting machines. Other technical properties include innovative process monitoring systems, optimum run of thread, and gentle low-tension thread guiding.

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