Scatterer for Coating of Technical Textiles

Santex AG, Tobel Switzerland, will present the Caviscat scatterer at Techtextil, which can be combined with other machines of the Cavitec brand to form complete coating and laminating solutions. The grit is fed via a funnel shaped trough on the scatter roll underneath. An oscillating brush scatters the material through an oscillating sieve onto the moving web material. The quantity can reach up to 4,000 g per minute and meter material width. In the next step an infrared heater melts the scattered grit, which is therewith connected to the base material web. An additional layer can be laminated onto the base layer if needed.

The scatterer is suited for all kind of grit from fine powder to pellets of 2,000 µm size. Depending on the material and the scatter quantity different types of scatter rolls are used. Simultaneous scattering of two different materials at the same time is also possible. The Caviscat scatterer, which is available with working widths from 500 mm to 7,000 mm, guarantees exact and even coating of the web material. The scatterer is ideally suited for applications in the field of technical textiles. Tailored solutions can be realised, when the Caviscat is combined with other machines of the Cavitec brand.

Picture: The Caviscat series enables scattered coating of technical textiles with a working width up to 7,000 mm.

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